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dive /daɪv/ verb (past tense dived also dove /dəʊv $ doʊv/, past participle dived) [intransitive]
dive noun [countable]

Irregular Forms: pl. of {diva}(dove)

غوطه خوردن ، شیرجه رفتن ، غواصی کردن ، (مج). فرو رفتن ، تفحص کردن ، شیرجه ، (مج) غور ، ورزش: شیرجه ، علوم هوایی: شیرجه ، علوم نظامی: شیرجه

: dive 1

علوم دریایی: غوص کردن

: dive 2 (sub)

علوم دریایی: به زیر اب رفتن
(Chiefly Brit.)
- plunge, descend, dip, drop, duck, nose-dive, plummet, swoop
- plunge, jump, leap, lunge, nose dive, spring
Related Words: bound, jump, leap, spring, impel, move, dump, hole, bar, barroom, lounge, pothouse, pub, saloon, taproom, tavern
English Thesaurus: bar, pub, public house, sb’s local, inn, ...

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I. dive1 /daɪv/ verb (past tense dived also dove /dəʊv $ doʊv/ American English, past participle dived) [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: dufan 'to sink' and dyfan 'to put into liquid']

1. JUMP INTO WATER to jump into deep water with your head and arms going in first
dive into/off etc
She dived into a pool.
Diving off the cliffs is dangerous.

2. SWIM UNDER WATER to swim under water using special equipment to help you breathe:
The first time you dive on a coral reef is an experience you will never forget.

3. GO DEEPER/LOWER to travel down through the air or through water to a lower level:
The submarine began to dive.
The aircraft appeared to dive vertically towards the crowd.

4. MOVE QUICKLY [always + adverb/preposition] to move or jump quickly in a particular direction or into a particular place:
Jackson dived after the ball.
We dived into a shop to avoid the rain.
The soldiers were diving for cover (=to protect themselves behind something).

5. dive into your bag/pocket etc to put your hand quickly in your bag, pocket etc in order to get something out:
He dived into his pocket and produced a packet of cigarettes.

6. NUMBERS if numbers, prices etc dive, they suddenly become much lower than before:
The dollar dived against the yen in Tokyo today.

7. SOCCER to fall down deliberately in order to unfairly win a FREEKICK or a penalty
dive in phrasal verb
to start doing something eagerly:
Harvey dived in with several questions.

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II. dive2 noun [countable]

1. SUDDEN MOVEMENT a sudden movement in a particular direction or into a particular place:
She made a dive for the bathroom.

2. SUDDEN FALL a sudden fall in the amount, value, or success of something:
The news put shares in a dive.
The team’s fortunes have taken a dive this year.

3. MOVEMENT DOWNWARDS when something moves down through the air or water:
Thankfully, the pilot managed to pull out of the dive and regain control.
steep/vertical dive

4. JUMP a jump into deep water with your head and arms going in first

5. SWIM the act of going under water to swim, using special equipment to help you breathe

6. PLACE informal a bar, club etc that is cheap and dirty

7. SOCCER the act of falling down deliberately in order to unfairly win a FREEKICK or a penalty

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I. of an aircraft
ADJ. steep, vertical | gentle, shallow | spiral
VERB + DIVE go into The plane went into a steep dive.
pull out of The pilot seemed to be having difficulty in pulling out of the dive.

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II. move/jump/fall
ADJ. headlong, nose (also nosedive) (both often figurative) The economy is on a headlong dive to disaster. His acting career took a nosedive and he turned to drink for solace.
sudden | running She made a running dive to get across the crevasse.
VERB + DIVE make, take She made a dive for the door. He took a dive in the penalty area and won his team a controversial penalty. (figurative) The market is volatile and profits could take a dive.
PREP. ~ for There would be a dive for the bar as soon as the show finished.

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I. jump into water
ADV. deep, head first | down
PREP. for diving for pearls
from She dived from the top diving board.
into He dived head first into the water.
PHRASES go diving The main purpose of his holiday to Greece was to go diving.

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II. of birds/aircraft
ADV. suddenly | vertically Unlike some birds, it does not dive vertically.
PREP. from, to The plane suddenly dived from 10,000 feet to 5,000.

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III. move/jump/fall
ADV. head first, headlong
PREP. beneath, into He dived headlong into the ditch.
through, under
PHRASES dive for cover We heard an explosion and dived for cover.

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See: go into a tail spin or go into a nose dive

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