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divert /daɪˈvɜːt, də- $ -ɜːrt/ verb [transitive]

منحرف شدن ، منحرف کردن ، متوجه کردن ، معطوف داشتن ، علوم نظامی: تغییر دادن اماج یا ماموریت یا مقصد
- redirect, avert, deflect, switch, turn aside
- distract, draw or lead away from, lead astray, sidetrack
- entertain, amuse, beguile, delight, gratify, regale
Contrasted words: fix, set, settle
Related Words: swerve, alter, change, modify, abstract, detach, disengage, delight, gladden, please, regale, tickle

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divert /daɪˈvɜːt, də- $ -ɜːrt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: divertir, from Latin divertere, from vertere 'to turn']

1. to change the use of something such as time or money
divert something into/to/(away) from etc something
The company should divert more resources into research.
Officials diverted revenue from arms sales to the rebels.

2. to change the direction in which something travels
divert a river/footpath/road etc
Canals divert water from the Truckee River into the lake.
The high street is closed and traffic is being diverted.

3. if you divert your telephone calls, you arrange for them to go directly to another number, for example because you are not able to answer them yourself for some time:
Remember to divert your phone when you are out of the office.

4. to deliberately take someone’s attention from something by making them think about or notice other things
divert (sb’s) attention (away from somebody/something)
The crime crackdown is an attempt to divert attention from social problems.
He’d been trying to divert suspicion away from himself.

5. formal to amuse or entertain someone

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