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doom /duːm/ verb [transitive usually passive]
doom noun [uncountable]

حکم مجازات ، سرنوشت بد ، فنا ، حکم دادن ، مقررداشتن ، محشر
کامپیوتر: یکی از بازیهای جنگی

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- destruction, catastrophe, downfall, fate, fortune, ruin
- condemn, consign, damn, destine, sentence
Related Words: calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, disaster, tragedy

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I. doom1 /duːm/ verb [transitive usually passive]
to make someone or something certain to fail, die, be destroyed etc
be doomed to failure/defeat/extinction etc
Many species are doomed to extinction.
The plan was doomed from the start.
be doomed to do something
We are all doomed to die in the end.
—doomed adjective:
passengers on the doomed flight

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II. doom2 noun [uncountable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: dom]
something very bad that is going to happen, or the fact that it is going to happen:
A sense of impending doom (=coming very soon) gripped her.
sense/feeling of doom
spell doom for something (=mean that something will be unable to continue or survive)
The recession spelled doom for many small businesses.
Thousands of soldiers met their doom (=died) on this very field.
doom and gloom/gloom and doom (=when there seems to be no hope for the future)
Despite these poor figures, it’s not all doom and gloom.

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ADJ. approaching, impending
VERB + DOOM spell Fuel shortages spelt doom for such huge gas-guzzling cars.
PHRASES a feeling/sense of doom As I approached the exam room, I had a feeling of impending doom.

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impending doom (=likely to happen soon)
With a terrible sense of impending doom, he opened the door and went in.
certain/inevitable doom (=sure to happen)
Some environmentalists have concluded that the planet faces certain doom.
spell doom (=mean that something will not continue to exist)
Many people predicted that Internet growth would spell doom for the traditional media.
meet your doom (=die in an unpleasant way)
At the end of the movie, the bad guys met their doom.
a sense/feeling of doom
Everyone in the business has a feeling of doom at the moment.
doom and gloom/gloom and doom (=bad things that may happen in the future)
The newspapers are always full of doom and gloom.
a prophet of doom (=someone who says that something bad is going to happen)
The prophets of doom were confounded when the team won the championship.

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