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Oxford 3000 vocabulary

downward /ˈdaʊnwəd $ -wərd/ adjective [only before noun]
downwards /ˈdaʊnwədz $ -wərdz/ (also downward) adverb

(=downwords) پایین ، زیرین ، روبه پایین ، متمایل بپایین
Synonyms: descending, declining, earthward, heading down, sliding, slipping
Antonyms: upward

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I. downward /ˈdaʊnwəd $ -wərd/ adjective [only before noun]

1. moving or pointing towards a lower position Antonym : upward:
a gentle downward slope

2. moving to a lower level Antonym : upward:
Share prices continued their downward trend.
She was caught in a downward spiral of drink and drugs.

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II. downwards /ˈdaʊnwədz $ -wərdz/ (also downward) adverb

1. towards a lower level or position Antonym : upwards:
Nina glanced downwards.
Hold out your hands with your palms facing downwards.
The body was lying face downwards (=with the front of the body on the floor).

2. used when a number or amount becomes smaller Antonym : upwards:
The death toll was later revised downwards to 689.

3. from the chairman/president/top etc downwards used to mean that people of all levels in an organization, country etc are affected by something:
Everyone from the chairman downwards is taking a pay cut.

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