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drama /ˈdrɑːmə $ ˈdrɑːmə, ˈdræmə/ noun

درام ، نمایش ، تاتر ، نمایشنامه
- play, dramatization, show, stage show
- theatre, acting, dramaturgy, stagecraft
- excitement, crisis, histrionics, scene, spectacle, turmoil
Related Words: show business

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drama W3 AC /ˈdrɑːmə $ ˈdrɑːmə, ˈdræmə/ noun
[Word Family: noun: drama, dramatist; verb: dramatize; adjective: dramatic]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Late Latin; Origin: Greek, 'action, theater plays', from dran 'to do']

1. [uncountable and countable] a play for the theatre, television, radio etc, usually a serious one, or plays in general ⇒ comedy:
the great traditions of ancient Greek drama
a TV/television/radio drama
the award-winning TV drama ‘Prime Suspect’
a new drama series for Saturday nights
a drama critic
a courtroom drama (=one that takes place in a court of law)
a lavish costume drama (=one about events in a past century)
He plays a Russian spy in the comedy drama ‘Sleepers’.

2. [uncountable] acting – used when talking about it as a subject to study or teach:
young actors coming out of drama school
our drama teacher

3. [uncountable and countable] an exciting event or set of events, or the quality of being exciting:
Maggie’s life is always full of drama.
accidents, burst pipes, and other domestic dramas
a night of high drama (=very exciting events)
the drama of the moment

4. make a drama out of something to become upset about a small problem and make it seem worse than it really is:
Brian always makes such a drama out of everything.

5. drama queen a woman or homosexual man who tends to behave as if situations are worse than they really are – used to show disapproval

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I. play/theatre
ADJ. powerful | classical, contemporary, modern | musical | radio, television/TV | costume, historical | courtroom, hospital, police Millions follow this hospital drama twice a week.
VERB + DRAMA write It is very difficult to write good drama.
produce the first episode of a new police drama produced for television
DRAMA + NOUN production | serial, series | festival | critic the drama critic for the ‘Sunday Times’
school, training
PREP. in a/the ~ the actors in a drama
~ about a powerful television drama about inner-city life
 ⇒ Note at SUBJECT

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II. exciting event
ADJ. human | real-life The actor was involved in a real-life drama when he was held up at gunpoint last night.
DRAMA + VERB unfold a collection of people watching the drama unfold outside the nightclub

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III. excitement
ADJ. high
QUANT. touch The argument added a touch of drama to an otherwise dull day.
VERB + DRAMA be full of The afternoon was full of drama and excitement.
heighten The arrival of the police heightened the drama further.
PHRASES a moment of drama

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a TV/television/radio drama
The book has been made into a television drama.
a costume drama (=about events in history, in which people wear costumes from that time)
a costume drama set in 17th century France
a historical drama (=about events in the past)
She starred in a historical drama about Marie Antoinette.
a medical/hospital drama (=about events in a hospital)
He played a doctor in the US medical drama 'ER'.
a crime drama (=about a crime or crimes)
'American Gangster' is a crime drama set in 1970s New York.
a courtroom drama (=about events in a court)
The lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason was the hero of 82 courtroom dramas.
a romantic drama (=about a romance)
It is a wartime romantic drama.
a comedy/tragic drama (=about funny/very sad events)
Martin Clunes is to star in a new comedy drama.
a police/cop drama (=about the police)
'The Bill' is a popular police drama.
a three-part/six-part etc drama (=having three/six etc programmes)
It’s a new four-part crime drama starting on Monday night.
a Greek drama (=a play from Ancient Greece)
the tragic Greek drama, 'Oedipus'
a drama series/serial (=a number of programmes with the same characters)
It is one of the longest-running drama series on Japanese television.

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BAD: After the meal, we went to see a drama at the Cambridge Theatre.
GOOD: After the meal, we went to see a play at the Cambridge Theatre.

Usage Note:
drama (uncountable) = a type of literature consisting of plays in general, or a particular group of plays: 'She has always been interested in music and drama.' 'Elizabethan drama is too bloodthirsty for my liking.'
play (countable) = a dramatic performance by actors in a theatre or on the radio/television; a piece of literature that has been written for actors to perform in a theatre etc: 'The film is a clever adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn's popular play.' 'The critics have generally been surprised by this play, which was written to be performed without props or scenery.'
Note that drama is sometimes used as a countable noun to refer to a specific type of play: 'We were expecting to see a comedy, not a serious drama.' When you simply mean 'a dramatic performance' (as opposed to a musical/ballet/opera etc), use play .

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