draw back

علوم مهندسی: کشیدن معکوس
draw back
Synonyms: deduct, discount, knock off, substract, subtract, take, take away, take off, take out

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draw back phrasal verb (see also draw)

1. to move backwards, especially because you are frightened or surprised:
Suddenly, she drew back, startled.
draw back in horror/shock/fear etc
She peeped into the box and drew back in horror.

2. to decide not to do something, especially because you think it would be bad for you Synonym : withdraw
draw back from
The government drew back from their extreme standpoint.

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draw back
v. To move back; back away; step backward; withdraw; move away from.
When the man spotted the rattlesnake, he drew back and aimed his shotgun.
The children drew back from the dog when it barked at them.
When the pitcher drew back his arm to pitch the ball, Tom ran as fast as he could to steal second base.
Some juice from the grapefruit that Father was eating squirted in his eye and he drew back in surprise.
Compare: DROP BACK.

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