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drawer /drɔː $ drɒːr/ noun [countable]

صادرکننده ، محیل ، برات گیر ، محال علیه برات ، برات دهنده ، کشو ، برات کش ، ساقی ، طراح ، نقاش ، زیر شلواری ، معماری: جعبه ، قانون ـ فقه: حواله دهنده ، محیل ، بازرگانی: برات کش ، کشنده برات یا چک
drawer S3 /drɔː $ drɒːr/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: draw1]

1. part of a piece of furniture, such as a desk, that you pull out and push in and use to keep things in:
She took a file from her desk drawer.
The scissors are in the kitchen drawer (=drawer in a piece of kitchen furniture).
top/bottom/right-hand/left-hand drawer
He opened the top drawer of his desk, and took out a brown envelope.
sock/cutlery drawer (=one for keeping socks, or knives, forks etc in)bottom drawer, chest of drawers, top-drawer

2. drawers [plural] old-fashioned underwear that women and girls wear between their waist and the tops of their legs Synonym : knickers

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ADJ. deep, shallow a desk with two deep drawers either side
open | locked | bottom, middle, top | kitchen | desk, dresser, dressing table | cash, cutlery, filing | secret
VERB + DRAWER open, pull open/out, slide open She pulled open the second drawer down to find the money had gone.
close, push in/shut, shut He pushed the drawer shut with a bang.
reach into She reached into the drawer and found the key to the safe.
go through, look through, ransack, rummage in/through What do you think you are doing, rummaging through my drawers?
PREP. from/out of a/the ~ She took the gun from the drawer.
in a/the ~ He put the letters in the drawer.

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the top/bottom/middle drawer
He opened the bottom drawer and got out a T-shirt.
a desk/table/dresser etc drawer
The passports are in my desk drawer.
a kitchen drawer (=in a piece of kitchen furniture)
There's some string in that kitchen drawer.
a sock/underwear/cutlery etc drawer (=containing socks, underwear etc)
He hid the gun in his sock drawer.
the right-hand/left-hand drawer
Have you looked in the left-hand drawer?
open a drawer
Jonathan opened the drawer and took out a fork.
pull open/pull out a drawer (=open it)
He pulled open drawers until he found the papers.
close/shut a drawer
She shut the drawer and locked it with a small key.
go through/look through/search through drawers (=try to find something by looking in drawers)
I've been through all my drawers and I can't find it.
rummage/rifle through drawers (=search in them by moving things around in an untidy way)
Someone had been in my bedroom and rummaged through my drawers.

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See: top-drawer

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The individual or firm that issues or signs a draft and thus stands to receive payment of the indicated amount from the drawee.

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