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dread /dred/ verb
dreaded /ˈdredəd, ˈdredɪd/ (also dread) adjective

ترس ، بیم ، وحشت ، ترسیدن (از) ، روانشناسی: وحشت
- fear, cringe at, have cold feet (informal), quail, shrink from, shudder, tremble
- fear, alarm, apprehension, dismay, fright, horror, terror, trepidation

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I. dread1 /dred/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: drædan]
[transitive] to feel anxious or worried about something that is going to happen or may happen:
I’ve got an interview tomorrow and I’m dreading it.
dread doing something
I’m dreading going back to work.
dread somebody doing something
Tim dreaded his parents finding out.
dread (that)
I’m dreading that I’ll be asked to make a speech.
dread the thought/prospect of (doing) something
He dreaded the prospect of being all alone in that house.
I dread to think what will happen if they get elected (=I think it will be very bad).

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II. dread2 noun
[singular, uncountable] a strong fear of something that is going to happen or may happen
dread of (doing) something
the dread of losing those we love
with dread
Bernice looked with dread at the end of the passage.
The prospect of flying filled me with dread.
She lives in dread of (=is continuously very afraid of) the disease returning.

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III. dreaded /ˈdredəd, ˈdredɪd/ (also dread literary) adjective
[only before noun] making you feel afraid or anxious – often used humorously:
She couldn’t put off the dreaded moment forever.

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ADJ. great, mortal Her greatest dread was that she would lose her job.
VERB + DREAD feel, have He had a dread of hospitals. the dread she felt at the thought of meeting him again
live in He lived in constant dread that one day he might be found out.
fill sb with Does the thought of flying fill you with dread?
PREP. in ~ of After her shoplifting spree she lived in mortal dread of being found out.
~ of her dread of discovery
PHRASES a feeling/sense of dread

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ADV. absolutely I've got to go and tell the headmaster tomorrow and I'm absolutely dreading it!
rather | always He had always dreaded being singled out.

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See: burnt child dreads the fire

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