drenched ●●○○○

drenched /drentʃt/ adjective

drench: خیساندن ، نوشانیدن ، اب دادن
Synonyms: wet, dripping, saturated, soaked, soaking, sodden, sopping, soppy, soused, wringing-wet
English Thesaurus: wet, damp, moist, clammy, soggy, ...

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drenched /drentʃt/ adjective

1. covered with a lot of a liquid:
Come on in – you’re drenched!
drenched in/with
I was drenched in sweat.
chips drenched in vinegar
rain-drenched/sweat-drenched etc
He changed out of his rain-drenched clothes.

2. drenched in/with light literary something that is drenched with light has a lot of light shining on it

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