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droop /druːp/ verb

افکندن ، سستی ، افسرده و مایوس شدن ، پژمرده شدن
Synonyms: sag, bend, dangle, drop, fall down, hang (down), sink
Related Words: drop, fall, sink, slump, subside, dangle, hang, loll, lop, sling, suspend, decline, deteriorate, dwine, fade, fail, languish, weaken

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droop /druːp/ verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old Norse; Origin: drúpa]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to hang or bend down, or to make something do this:
The plant needs some water – it’s starting to droop.
His eyelids began to droop (=close, because he was sleepy).
Jessie drooped her head.

2. [intransitive] to become sad or weak:
Our spirits drooped as we faced the long trip home.
—droop noun [singular]
—droopy adjective:
a droopy moustache

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