dry up
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خشک افتادن ، خاموش شدن

: dry up (to)

خشک شدن ، معماری: خشکیدن
dry up
Synonyms: desiccate, devitalize, wither, mummify, mummy, shrivel, welter, wilt, wizen, shut up, dumb (up), dummy (up), pipe down, ring off

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dry up phrasal verb (see also dry)

1. COME TO AN END if a supply of something dries up, it comes to an end and no more is available:
Foreign investment may dry up.
The work soon dried up.

2. RIVER/LAKE ETC if something such as a river dries up, the water in it disappears:
Across central and west Texas, waterholes and wells have dried up.
dry something ↔ up
Taking too much water for household use is drying up the river.

3. STOP TALKING if someone dries up, they stop talking:
‘It was -’ She dried up again.
Everyone became embarrassed and conversation dried up.

4. PLATES/DISHES ETC British English to rub plates, dishes etc dry with a cloth after they have been washed
dry something ↔ up
I’ll just dry up these mugs and we can have a coffee.

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dry up
to disappear.
Many of those jobs dried up in the 1990s.

Funding has all but dried up for new research in the field.

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dry up
to become dry
The river began to dry up early in the summer.

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dry up
1. To become dry.
The reservoir dried up during the four-month drought.
2. To disappear or vanish as if by evaporating.
The Senator's influence dried up when he was voted out of office.
3. slang To stop talking.
Often used as a command.
"Dry up!" Tony said angrily when his friend told him for the third time that he had made a mistake in his theme.
Synonym: SHUT UP1.

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