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eager /ˈiːɡə $ -ər/ adjective

مشتاق ، ذیعلاقه ، ترد و شکننده
Synonyms: keen, agog, anxious, athirst, avid, enthusiastic, fervent, hungry, impatient, longing
Antonyms: listless
Contrasted words: aloof, disinterested, incurious, indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested, apathetic, detached, impassive, stolid
Related Idioms: champing at the bit, ready and willing
Related Words: enthusiastic, gung ho, heated, hot, ambitious, intent, acquisitive, covetous, craving, desirous, hankering, honing, hungry, longing, pining, wishful, yearning, impatient, restive, restless
English Thesaurus: enthusiastic, eager, keen, zealous, avid, ...

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eager /ˈiːɡə $ -ər/ adjective
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: aigre, from Latin acer 'sharp']

1. very keen and excited about something that is going to happen or about something you want to do
eager to do something
I was eager to get back to work as soon as possible.
He’s a bright kid and eager to learn.
She’s a very hard worker and very eager to please.
A crowd of eager young students were already waiting outside.
eager for
fans eager for a glimpse of the singer

2. eager beaver informal someone who is too keen and works harder than they should
—eagerly adverb:
They’re eagerly awaiting the big day.
—eagerness noun [uncountable]:
People were pushing each other out of the way in their eagerness to get to the front.

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VERBS appear, be, look, seem, sound | become
ADV. only too, really, very They were only too eager to help us.
increasingly | quite
PREP. for We were eager for news.

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