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earnest /ˈɜːnəst, ˈɜːnɪst $ ˈɜːr-/ adjective

دلیل ، جدی ، دلگرم ، باحرارت ، مشتاق ، صمیمانه ، سنگین ، علاقه شدید به چیزی ، وثیقه ، بیعانه ، قانون ـ فقه: مقداری از مبیع که پیش از قبض و اقباض کل مبیع و ثمن به خریدار تسلیم می شود
- serious, grave, intent, resolute, resolved, sincere, solemn, thoughtful
- in earnest: seriousness, sincerity, truth
Antonyms: jest, play, frivolous
Contrasted words: buoyant, effervescent, elastic, flippant, light
Related Words: attention, interest, enthusiasm, warmth, zeal, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, pressing, warm, zealous, assiduous, busy, diligent, industrious, perseverant, sedulous, sincere, wholehearted, whole-souled
English Thesaurus: serious, solemn, grave, sombre, earnest, ...

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I. earnest1 /ˈɜːnəst, ˈɜːnɪst $ ˈɜːr-/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: eornost]
very serious and sincere:
a rather earnest young man
Matthews was in earnest conversation with a young girl.
an earnest desire to offer something useful to society
earnest expression/look/voice etc
earnest attempt/effort etc
—earnestly adverb:
earnestly discussing politics
—earnestness noun [uncountable]

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II. earnest2 noun

1. in earnest if something starts happening in earnest, it begins properly – used when it was happening in a small or informal way before:
On Monday your training begins in earnest!

2. be in earnest to really mean what you are saying, especially when expressing an intention or wish:
She wasn’t sure whether he was in earnest or not.
be in dead/deadly/complete earnest
Although he smiled, Ashley knew he was in deadly earnest.

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BAD: The earnest students never missed a class.
GOOD: The serious students never missed a class.

Usage Note:
Earnest is used to describe someone who takes life too seriously, often failing to see things that are humorous: 'He's one of those very earnest types that go around looking for problems to solve.'
Serious is used to describe someone who is fully committed to something: 'I see her at the karate club once a week, but I don't think she's serious.'

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See: in earnest

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