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earthy /ˈɜːθi $ ˈɜːrθi/ adjective

خاکی ، خاک مانند ، زمینی ، دنیوی
Synonyms: crude, bawdy, coarse, raunchy (slang), ribald, robust, uninhibited, unsophisticated
Antonyms: impractical
Related Words: clayey, dusty, muddy, sandy

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earthy /ˈɜːθi $ ˈɜːrθi/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: earth, earthling, earthiness; adjective: earthy, earthlyunearthly, earthen; verb: unearth; adverb: earthward(s)]

1. tasting, smelling, or looking like earth or soil:
earthy colours

2. talking about things that are often considered rude, especially sex and the human body, in a relaxed direct way:
earthy language
—earthiness noun [uncountable]

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