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edge /edʒ/ noun

لبه دار کردن ، یال ، دوره ، پیروزی با فاصله امتیاز کم ، لبه اسکیت ، لبه اسکی
(n.) کنار ، نبش ، کناره ، تیزی ، برندگی
(n.& vt.& vi.) دارای لبه تیز کردن ، تحریک کردن ، کم کم پیش رفتن ، اریب وار پیش رفتن ، علوم مهندسی: تیزی ، کامپیوتر: لبه ، عمران: لبه ، زیست شناسی: کناره ، ورزش: حاشیه صفحه شطرنج

: edge (rideg)

نبش ، کاکل ، لبه فوقانی شیروانی ، ستیغ شیروانی ، لبه بالای شیروانی ، معماری: تیزه شیروانی
الکترونیک: لبه ، کامپیوتر: کناره ، زیست شناسی: لبه دار کردن ، نبش ، یال ، لبه ، کناره ، دوره ، تیزی ، علوم مهندسی: پیروزی با فاصله امتیاز کم ، لبه اسکیت ، لبه اسکی ، حاشیه صفحه شطرنج ، ورزشی: لبه ، عمران :)n.(: کنار، لبه ، نبش ، کناره ، تیزی ، برندگی ، :)n.and vt.and vi.( دارای لبه تیز کردن ، تحریک کردن ، کم کم پیش رفتن ، اریب وار پیش رفتن

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- border, boundary, brink, fringe, limit, outline, perimeter, rim, side, verge
- sharpness, bite, effectiveness, force, incisiveness, keenness, point
- have the edge on: advantage, ascendancy, dominance, lead, superiority, upper hand
- on edge: nervous, apprehensive, edgy, ill at ease, impatient, irritable, keyed up, on tenterhooks, tense
- border, fringe, hem
- inch, creep, ease, sidle, steal
Contrasted words: area, surface, bar, encumbrance, obstacle, disadvantage
Related Words: end, extremity, ledge, side, bite, cut, sting, knife-edge, razor-edge, acerbity, acidity, acridity, causticity, astringency, stringency, acuteness, penetration, shrillness, thinness
English Thesaurus: edge, side, rim, margin, hem, ...

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I. edge1 S2 W2 /edʒ/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: ecg]

1. OUTSIDE PART [countable] the part of an object that is furthest from its centre:
Put the eggs in the centre of the dish, with the vegetables and herbs around the edge.
the edge of something
the right hand edge of the page
Jennifer walked to the edge of the wood.
Billy sat on the edge of the bed.
He stood at the water’s edge staring across the lake.
A leaf was on the ground, curling up at the edges.

2. BLADE [countable] the thin sharp part of a blade or tool that cuts:
a knife with a sharp edge

3. ADVANTAGE [singular, uncountable] something that gives you an advantage over others:
Companies are employing more research teams to get an edge.
The next version of the software will have the edge over its competitors.

4. on edge nervous, especially because you are expecting something unpleasant to happen:
Paul felt on edge about meeting Lisa.

5. VOICE [singular] a quality in someone’s voice that makes it sound slightly angry or impatient:
There was an edge of hostility in Jack’s voice.
Desperation lent an edge to her voice.

6. SLOPE [countable] an area beside a very steep slope:
She walked almost to the edge of the cliff.

7. on the edge of something close to the point at which something different, especially something bad, will happen:
Their economy is on the edge of collapse.
She is on the edge of despair.

8. QUALITY [singular] a special quality of excitement or danger:
The school’s campaign has been given an extra edge by being filmed for television.

9. take the edge off something to make something less bad, good, strong etc:
Pascoe was drinking whisky to take the edge off the pain.

10. on the edge of your seat giving all your attention to something exciting:
The film’s ending had me on the edge of my seat.

11. be on the edge informal to be behaving in a way that makes it seem as if you are going crazy
cutting edge

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II. edge2 verb

1. MOVE [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to move gradually with several small movements, or to make something do this:
Tim was edging away from the crowd.
She edged closer to get a better look.
He edged her towards the door.
edge your way into/round/through etc something
Christine edged her way round the back of the house.

2. PUT AT EDGE [transitive usually passive] to put something on the edge or border of something:
The city square was edged by trees.
be edged with something
The tablecloth is edged with lace.

3. CHANGE [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to change gradually, especially so as to get better or worse
edge up/down
Profits have edged up.
The paper has edged ahead of (=been more successful than) its rivals.

4. GRASS [transitive] to cut the edges of an area of grass so that they are tidy and straight
edge somebody ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to defeat someone by a small amount:
Italy edged out France by two points.

2. to gradually force someone to leave their job or an area of activity

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I. place where sth ends
ADJ. top the top edge of the picture frame
bottom, lower | inner, inside | outer, outside | front | northern, southern, etc. | very Erosion has left the house perched on the very edge of the cliff.
cliff, water's A row of boats was beached at the water's edge.
VERB + EDGE reach We had reached the edge of the map and didn't know which way to go.
skirt The road skirts the western edge of the forest.
PREP. along the ~, around/round the ~ Smoke was making its way around the edges of the door.
at the ~ Soon we were at the edge of the woods.
on the ~ She sat on the edge of her bed.
over the ~ The car rolled over the edge of the cliff.
PHRASES right on the edge They live right on the edge of town.

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II. sharp side of sth
ADJ. sharp | cutting | serrated a knife with a serrated edge
jagged, ragged, rough | smooth | blunt
VERB + EDGE sharpen

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III. advantage
ADJ. competitive | slight | decided
VERB + EDGE give sb/sth | gain, have to gain a competitive edge over rival suppliers
PREP. ~ over The intensive training she had done gave her the edge over the other runners.

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ADV. carefully, cautiously, nervously | quietly | slowly
PREP. along He edged carefully along the narrow ledge.
towards We slowly edged our way towards the exit.
PHRASES edge your way

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the top edge
I gripped the top edge of the door and pulled myself up.
the bottom/lower edge
The lower edge of the window frame was starting to rot.
the front/back edge
I banged my elbow on the front edge of the desk.
the inside/inner edge
He painted carefully around the inner edge of each door.
the outside/outer edge
The airport is located on the outer edge of town.
the northern/southern etc edge (=the part of an area that is close to the point where the area ends)
There’s a ridge of hills on the northern edge of the county.
the edge of the sea (=the land next to the sea)
The castle stands on the edge of the sea.
the river’s/water’s edge (=the land next to a river etc)
We sat down at the water’s edge.
have the edge over somebody/something (=to be slightly better than someone or something else)
We believe our products have the edge over the competition.
get/gain an edge over somebody/something (=gain a small advantage over someone or something else)
A well trained workforce is a key factor in gaining a competitive edge over our rivals.
give somebody the edge (=give someone a small advantage)
I hope my qualifications and experience will give me the edge.
lose your edge (=lose an advantage that you had)
He’s had a lot of injuries and lost a lot of his competitive edge.
a slight edge (also a bit of an edge) (=a small advantage)
Running on the inside lane will give him a slight edge.
a distinct edge (=a definite or noticeable advantage)
Being tall gives you a distinct edge in some sports.
a competitive edge (=something that makes a person or business able to compete successfully against other people or businesses)
He believes investment in new technology is the only way for the company to maintain its competitive edge.

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See: have an edge on , on edge , set one's teeth on edge , take the edge off , the edge

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