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eighty /ˈeɪti/ number

eighty /ˈeɪti/ number
[Language: Old English; Origin: eahtatig, from eahta 'eight']

1. the number 80

2. the eighties [plural] (also the '80s, the 1980s) the years from 1980 to 1989:
The band was incredibly successful in the eighties.
the early/mid/late eighties
Their troubles began in the mid eighties.

3. be in your eighties to be aged between 80 and 89
early/mid/late eighties
Hilda Simpson was a woman in her early eighties.

4. in the eighties if the temperature is in the eighties, it is between 80 degrees and 89 degrees
in the low/mid/high eighties
The temperature is expected to remain in the low eighties.
—eightieth adjective:
her eightieth birthday

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