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elaborate /ɪˈlæbərət, ɪˈlæbərɪt/ adjective
elaborate /ɪˈlæbəreɪt/ verb

ساخت استاد ، پرکار ، استادانه درست شده ، بزحمت درست شده ، به زحمت ساختن ، دارای جزئیات ، بادقت شرح دادن ، عمران: استادانه ساختن ، معماری: پرکار
- detailed, intricate, minute, painstaking, precise, studied, thorough
- complicated, complex, fancy, fussy, involved, ornamented, ornate
- expand (upon), add detail, amplify, develop, embellish, enlarge, flesh out
Antonyms: simple
Contrasted words: common, ordinary, plain, unpolished, inartificial, inornate, natural
Related Words: detailed, highly-wrought, decorated, dressy, embellished, ornate, elegant, busy, overdone, overworked, overwrought, comment, discuss, dwell (upon), clarify, explain, expound, interpret
English Thesaurus: complicated, complex, elaborate, involved, convoluted, ...

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I. elaborate1 /ɪˈlæbərət, ɪˈlæbərɪt/ adjective
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: elaboratus, past participle of elaborare 'to work out']

1. having a lot of small parts or details put together in a complicated way Synonym : intricate:
pure silks embroidered with elaborate patterns

2. carefully planned and organized in great detail Synonym : complex:
a very elaborate telecommunications network
—elaborately adverb:
an elaborately carved wooden statue

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II. elaborate2 /ɪˈlæbəreɪt/ verb
[intransitive and transitive] to give more details or new information about something Synonym : enlarge:
He said he had new evidence, but refused to elaborate any further.
elaborate on
McDonald refused to elaborate on his reasons for resigning.
—elaboration /ɪˌlæbəˈreɪʃən/ noun [uncountable and countable]

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VERBS be, look, seem, sound The plans looked very elaborate.
ADV. exceptionally, extremely, highly, very highly elaborate carvings
increasingly | fairly, quite, rather

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ADV. further This point will be elaborated further in the next chapter.
at length
VERB + ELABORATE attempt to, try to | refuse to
PREP. on/upon They refused to elaborate on the reasons for their decision.

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