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elbow /ˈelbəʊ $ -boʊ/ noun [countable]

زانویی ، زانو ، دسته صندلی ، با ارنج زدن ، علوم مهندسی: ارنج ، معماری: زانویی دوردار
- joint, angle
- push, jostle, knock, nudge, shove

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I. elbow1 /ˈelbəʊ $ -boʊ/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: elboga]

1. the joint where your arm bends

2. the part of a shirt etc that covers your elbow

3. elbow grease informal hard work and effort, especially when cleaning or polishing something

4. give somebody the elbow British English informal to tell someone that you no longer like them or want them to work for you and that they should leave

5. elbow room enough space in which to move easily:
There’s more elbow room in the restaurant since they extended it.

6. a curved part of a pipe
rub elbows with somebody at rub1(5)

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II. elbow2 verb [transitive]
to push someone with your elbows, especially in order to move past them
elbow your way through/past/into etc something (=move through a group of people by pushing past them)
He elbowed his way to the bar and ordered a beer.
She pushed through the crowd, elbowing people out of the way.

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ADJ. dislocated, fractured
VERB + ELBOW lean, place, rest He rested one elbow on the wall as he spoke.
lean on, prop/raise yourself up on She opened her eyes and propped herself up on one elbow to look at him.
catch, grasp, take He caught her elbow to steady her.
thrust She thrust her elbow into her attacker's face.
bang I banged my elbow on the table as I got up.
dislocate, fracture, injure
ELBOW + NOUN joint | injury | room The tiny toilet compartment gives you hardly any elbow room.
PREP. above the ~, at your ~ A voice at my elbow said, ‘Would Sir care to be seated?’
below the ~ The whole of his arm below the elbow was badly burnt.
beneath/under your ~ She slid a hand under his elbow to guide him into the shop.
by the ~ He took his guest by the elbow and steered him in the direction of the bar.
on one ~ He raised himself on one elbow and looked at the bedside clock.
PHRASES be up to your elbows in sth He was up to his elbows in hot water, doing the washing-up.
the crook of your elbow She was cradling a small parcel in the crook of her elbow.
dig your elbow into sb's ribs She dug her elbow into Jim's ribs to remind him not to give the secret away.

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