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elderly /ˈeldəli $ ˈeldərli/ adjective

مسن ، سالخورده
پزشکی: سالمند ، پیر

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Synonyms: aged, ancient, old, olden
Antonyms: youthful
Contrasted words: juvenile, young
Related Words: aging, declining
English Thesaurus: old, elderly, aging, aged, elder brother/sister, ...

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elderly S3 W2 /ˈeldəli $ ˈeldərli/ adjective

1. used as a polite way of saying that someone is old or becoming old:
a well-dressed elderly woman

2. the elderly people who are old:
a retirement village for the elderly

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BAD: John, her elderly son, is still at university.
GOOD: John, her elder son, is still at university.

Usage Note:
elderly = old: 'an elderly man with white hair and a stick'
elder = (of brothers, daughters etc) older: 'our elder daughter'

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