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براز ، ظرافت ، لطافت ، زیبایی ، وقار ، ریزه کاری ، سلیقه
Synonyms: style, dignity, exquisiteness, grace, gracefulness, grandeur, luxury, refinement, taste
Contrasted words: grotesqueness, ugliness, clumsiness, crudeness, roughness, rudeness, austerity, bareness, inornateness, severity
Related Words: beauty, charm, cultivation, culture, polish, refinement, sophistication, style, taste, tastefulness, lushness, magnificence, ornateness, poshness, richness, splendor, sumptuousness

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ADJ. great | classical | sartorial John has never been known for his sartorial elegance.
QUANT. touch The ornamental ironwork lends a touch of elegance to the house.
VERB + ELEGANCE display, have The building has great elegance and charm.
lack | add, give sth, lend sth The pillars give a classical elegance to the room.

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