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email , e-mail /ˈiː meɪl/ noun

پست الکترونیک
کامپیوتر: پست الکترونیک کامپیوتر: فایلهای برنامه Outlook Express

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I. email1 S2 W2 , e-mail /ˈiː meɪl/ noun

1. [uncountable] a system that allows you to send and receive messages by computer Synonym : electronic mail:
It’s usually best to contact him by email.

2. [uncountable and countable] a message that is sent from one person to another using the email system:
Send me an e-mail when you have any news.

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II. email2 S2 W2 , e-mail verb [transitive]

1. to send someone an email Synonym : mail:
Will you e-mail me about it?

2. to send someone a document using email Synonym : mail:
Can you email me the proposal by the end of today?

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VERB + EMAIL write | send, fire off When I saw what he'd written I fired off an angry email.
get, receive | read | reply to | delete | archive
EMAIL + NOUN address | message
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send (somebody) an email
Can you send me an email with all the details?
get/receive an email
Within seconds, I got an email confirming the booking.
read an email
It took most of the morning to read my emails.
write an email
Jack spent the evening writing emails and surfing the Internet.
answer/reply to an email
She did not bother replying to his email.
check your email(s)
The first thing I do every morning is check my email.
delete an email
I accidentally deleted your email.
forward an email (=send an email you have received to someone else)
Can you please forward this email on to Chris?
fire off an email informal (=send it quickly, especially because you are angry about something)
I fired off an email to the hotel, saying how disgusted I was with their level of service.
a group email (=one sent to several people at the same time)
Those group emails telling you who is leaving and joining the company are so boring.
an email address
What’s your email address?
an email message
I can send email messages on my phone.
an email attachment (=a computer file sent in an email)
Don’t open an email attachment unless you know who sent it.

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