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empire /ˈempaɪə $ -paɪr/ noun [countable]

امپراتوری چند کشور که در دست یک پادشاه باشد ، فرمانروایی
Synonyms: kingdom, commonwealth, domain, realm

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I. Empire, the1
the British Empire

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II. Empire2 adjective
relating to the British Empire:
He thinks he's still living in the Empire days.

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III. Empire3 adjective
in a style that is typical of the period in France when Napoleon was the emperor, at the beginning of the 19th century. The word Empire can describe furniture, buildings, or clothes, especially women's dresses with high waists.

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empire W3 /ˈempaɪə $ -paɪr/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin imperare; emperor]

1. a group of countries that are all controlled by one ruler or government:
the Roman empire

2. a group of organizations controlled by one person:
a business empire

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I. group of countries
ADJ. big, great, large, mighty, vast | colonial, overseas the decline of the old colonial empires
VERB + EMPIRE establish, found | dismantle The Japanese empire was quickly dismantled.
expand | lose By now Britain had lost its empire.
EMPIRE + VERB grow | collapse, crumble, disintegrate The mighty empire finally crumbled.
PHRASES the break-up/decline/fall of an empire, part of an empire a country that is still part of the empire

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II. group of companies/organizations
ADJ. big, huge, large | little (= used to criticize sb's attitude to the things they control) All the bureaucrats jealously guarded their own little empires.
business, commercial, financial, industrial, media
VERB + EMPIRE build (up), create He has built a huge business empire from humble beginnings.
EMPIRE + VERB collapse, crumble
PHRASES the collapse of an empire

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a large/vast/huge empire
The emperor Claudius ruled a vast empire stretching from Persia to Britain.
a great empire (=large and powerful)
The city was the centre of a great empire.
the Roman/British/Soviet etc empire
The Barbarians finally overthrew the Roman empire.
a colonial empire (=a group of countries ruled by another country that is far away)
France had a huge colonial empire.
found an empire (=start an empire)
The Persian empire was founded by Cyrus the Great.
an empire grows
As the empire grew, its new territories needed to be protected.
an empire falls/collapses (=loses power suddenly)
In A.D.476, the western part of the Empire collapsed.
an empire crumbles (=loses power gradually)
The vast empire was beginning to crumble.
the decline of an empire (=the gradual decrease in an empire's power)
The next two hundred years saw the gradual decline of the Roman empire.
the fall/collapse of an empire (=the sudden end of an empire)
After the battle of Waterloo, the collapse of Napoleon's empire was inevitable.
a business/financial/media etc empire
His business empire is now worth over $20 billion.
a large/vast/huge empire
He created a vast financial empire worth billions of dollars.
build (up) an empire
She built her clothing empire from one small shop to an international chain.
run an empire (=be in charge of it)
She now runs a whole media empire.
an empire collapses (=fails and ends suddenly)
When the business empire collapsed, thousands of employees lost their jobs.
the collapse of an empire
He left the country after the collapse of his construction empire.

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