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encumber /ɪnˈkʌmbə $ -ər/ verb [transitive usually passive]

سنگین کردن ، اسباب زحمت شدن ، دست و پای (کسی را) گرفتن ، باز داشتن
Synonyms: burden, hamper, handicap, hinder, impede, inconvenience, obstruct, saddle, weigh down
Related Words: freight, discommode, incommode, inconvenience, fetter, hamper, handicap, block, impede, obstruct, oppress, overburden

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encumber /ɪnˈkʌmbə $ -ər/ verb [transitive usually passive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: encombrer, from combre 'something that prevents movement']
formal to make it difficult for you to do something or for something to happen Synonym : burden:
He died in 1874, heavily encumbered by debt.
encumber with
The whole process was encumbered with bureaucracy.
—encumbrance noun [countable]

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