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end up phrasal verb (see also end)
to be in a particular situation, state, or place after a series of events, especially when you did not plan it:
He came round for a coffee and we ended up having a meal together.
I wondered where the pictures would end up after the auction.
end up doing something
Most slimmers end up putting weight back on.
end up with
Anyone who swims in the river could end up with a nasty stomach upset.
end up as
He could end up as President.
end up like
I don’t want to end up like my parents.

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end up
to reach a final place or position.
I began work as an accountant and ended up writing advertising.

We ended up the evening drinking and dancing at a club downtown.

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end up
1.end up (somewhere)
to finish at a certain place
We ended up at a small coffee shop near the restaurant.

2.end up (doing something or going somewhere)
to do something that one had not planned to do, to go somewhere one had not planned to go
We ended up going to a restaurant after the movie last night.

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end up
1. To come to an end; be ended or finished; stop.
How does the story end up?
2. To finally reach or arrive; land.
I hope you don't end up in jail.
3. informal To die, be killed.
The gangster ended up in the electric chair.
4. or finish up . To put an end to; finish; stop.
The politician finally ended up his speech.
Synonym: WIND UP.

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