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endeavour , endeavor /ɪnˈdevə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]

کوشش ، جد و جهد ، سعی بلیغ ، تلاش کردن ، کوشیدن
Synonyms: try, assay, attempt, essay, offer, seek, strive, struggle, undertake
Synonyms: attempt, essay, hassle, striving, struggle, trial, try, undertaking
Related Words: determine, intend, purpose, address, apply, bid (for), drive (at), go (for), strain, exertion, push, labor, toil, travail, work

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I. endeavour1 British English, endeavor American English /ɪnˈdevə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: dever 'duty' (13-17 centuries), from Old French deveir]
formal to try very hard
endeavour to do something
We always endeavor to please our customers.

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II. endeavour2 British English, endeavor American English noun
[uncountable and countable] formal an attempt to do something new or difficult
scientific/creative etc endeavour
an outstanding example of human endeavor
endeavour to do something
They made every endeavour to find the two boys.
Despite our best endeavours, we couldn’t start the car.

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