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endow /ɪnˈdaʊ/ verb [transitive]

(با(with بخشیدن) به) ، اعطا کردن (به) ، (به صیغه اسم مفعول) دارا ، چیزی راوقف کردن ، وقف کردن ، موهبت بخشیدن به

: endow (for pious purposes)

وقف کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: بخشش و اعطا کردن
Synonyms: provide, award, bequeath, bestow, confer, donate, finance, fund, give
Contrasted words: bare, denude, divest, strip, despoil, ravage, spoliate, deplete, drain, exhaust, beggar, impoverish, pauperize, draw (on)
Related Words: bestow, confer, accord, award, grant, empower, enable, enhance, enrich, heighten, found, organize, bequeath, contribute, donate, subscribe, support, back, promote, sponsor, provide, supply

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endow /ɪnˈdaʊ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: endouer, from Latin dotare 'to give']
to give a college, hospital etc a large sum of money that provides it with an income
endow somebody/something with something phrasal verb formal

1. to make someone or something have a particular quality, or to believe that they have it:
Her resistance to the Nationalists endowed her with legendary status.

2. be endowed with something to naturally have a good feature or quality:
She was endowed with good looks.

3. to give someone something

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