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engaged /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd/ adjective

نامزد شده ، سفارش شده ، قانون ـ فقه: نامزد
- betrothed (archaic), affianced, pledged, promised, spoken for
- occupied, busy, employed, in use, tied up, unavailable
Antonyms: unengaged
Contrasted words: free, uncommitted, unpledged
Related Words: committed, pledged
English Thesaurus: married, single, engaged, live together, separated, ...

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engaged /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒd/ adjective

1. if two people are engaged, they have agreed to marry:
Have you heard? Sally and Ray are getting engaged.
She is engaged to be married.
engaged to
Kate’s engaged to Mark.

2. British English if you call someone on the telephone and their line is engaged, they are already speaking to someone else Synonym : busy American English:
She rang Mrs Tavett but the line was engaged.
engaged tone/signal (=the sound you hear when the phone is engaged)

3. British English written a public toilet that is engaged is being used Antonym : vacant

4. be otherwise engaged formal to be unable to do something because you are doing something else

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I. doing sth
ADV. deeply, heavily those who are deeply engaged in party politics
fully, totally | largely, mainly, primarily | directly | constantly | currently | actively, busily | otherwise I'm afraid Mr Wilson cannot see you now as he is otherwise engaged.
PREP. in She was engaged in conversation with a client.
on He is actively engaged on several projects.
with Mrs Scott is engaged with a customer at the moment.

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II. having promised to marry sb
VERBS be | become, get The couple got engaged last month.
PREP. to She's engaged to an actor.

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BAD: Why did you get engaged with Paul if you don't want to marry him?
GOOD: Why did you get engaged to Paul if you don't want to marry him?

Usage Note:
be/get engaged to sb : 'When we first met, she was already engaged to an airline pilot.'

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