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engross /ɪnˈɡrəʊs $ -ˈɡroʊs/ verb [transitive]

درشت نوشتن ، جلب کردن ، اشغال کردن ، احتکارکردن ، مشغول ، مجذوب
Synonyms: absorb, engage, immerse, involve, occupy, preoccupy
Contrasted words: bewilder, distract, disperse, dissipate, scatter
Related Words: enscroll, scroll, superscribe, apply, fill, occupy, preoccupy, assimilate, take up, arrest, engage, grip, hog, hold, immerse, involve, attract, captivate, enthrall

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engross /ɪnˈɡrəʊs $ -ˈɡroʊs/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: engrosser, from French en gros 'in a mass, by wholesale']
if something engrosses you, it interests you so much that you do not notice anything else:
The scene was stunning, and for a time engrossed all our attention.
engross yourself in something
Take your mind off it by engrossing yourself in a good book.
—engrossed adjective:
Dad was engrossed in the paper.
Who’s that guy Ally’s been engrossed in conversation with all night?
—engrossing adjective

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