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FORMAL vocabulary

ennoble /ɪˈnəʊbəl $ ɪˈnoʊ-/ verb [transitive usually passive]

شریف گردانیدن ، شرافت دادن ، بلندکردن ، تجلیل کردن
Synonyms: dignify, aggrandize, elevate, enhance, exalt, glorify, honour, magnify, raise

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ennoble /ɪˈnəʊbəl $ ɪˈnoʊ-/ verb [transitive usually passive] formal

1. to improve your character:
art which ennobles the human race

2. to make someone a member of the nobility (=the people in society who have a high rank, such as princes etc)
—ennoblement noun [uncountable]
—ennobling adjective

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