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ensnare /ɪnˈsneə $ -ˈsner/ verb [transitive]

ensnarl ( ، entrap ، ) = snareبدام انداختن ، بغرنج کردن ، گوریده شدن ، خشمگین کردن
Synonyms: catch, benet, catch up, entangle, entrap, snare, tangle, trap
Related Words: decoy, entice, inveigle, lure, hook, net, snag, bag, capture

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ensnare /ɪnˈsneə $ -ˈsner/ verb [transitive]

1. formal to trap someone in an unpleasant or illegal situation, from which they cannot escape
ensnare in
Young girls were ensnared in prostitution rings.

2. to catch an animal in a trap

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