enterprising ●●●○○
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enterprising /ˈentəpraɪzɪŋ $ -tər-/ adjective

متهور ، متوکل
Synonyms: resourceful, adventurous, bold, daring, energetic, enthusiastic, go-ahead, intrepid, spirited
Antonyms: unenterprising
Related Idioms: on one's toes
Related Words: aggressive, ambitious, busy, eager, hustling, pushing, up-and-coming, adventurous, venturesome, diligent, hardworking, industrious, zealous, aspiring, craving, hungry, itching, lusting, yearning, audacious, daring, dashing

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enterprising /ˈentəpraɪzɪŋ $ -tər-/ adjective
having the ability to think of new activities or ideas and make them work:
Some enterprising students are designing software.
an enterprising scheme to provide interest-free loans
—enterprisingly adverb

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