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entertainment /ˌentəˈteɪnmənt $ -tər-/ noun

مهمانی ، تفریحات ، پذیرایی کردن ، پذیرایی ، سرگرمی ، روانشناسی: سرگرمی ، علوم نظامی: سرگرمی
کامپیوتر: سرگرمی

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Synonyms: enjoyment, amusement, fun, leisure activity, pastime, pleasure, recreation, sport, treat
Related Words: disport, play, sport, enjoyment, gaiety, pleasure, relaxation, relief
English Thesaurus: fun, enjoyment, pleasure, good/great time, a blast, ...

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entertainment S3 W3 /ˌentəˈteɪnmənt $ -tər-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: entertainer, entertainment, entertaining; verb: entertain; adverb: entertainingly; adjective: entertaining]

1. [uncountable and countable] things such as films, television, performances etc that are intended to amuse or interest people:
The town provides a wide choice of entertainment.
There will be live entertainment (=performed then, not recorded) throughout the day.
light entertainment (=comedy)
The dolphins give good entertainment value (=a lot of amusement and interest).
the entertainment industry/business/world

2. [uncountable] formal when you entertain someone at home, or for business:
the entertainment of friends

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ADJ. lavish | pure Soaps like ‘Neighbours’ are pure entertainment and there is nothing wrong with that.
free | live | evening, nightly The hotel has a varied programme of nightly entertainment.
mass, popular Cinema is a medium of mass entertainment.
family, light, musical Vote for your top light entertainment show.
home, public, street
VERB + ENTERTAINMENT lay on, offer, provide, put on They laid on lavish entertainment for their guests.
ENTERTAINMENT + NOUN business, industry, world | centre, venue | programme | value The films were bought chiefly for their entertainment value.
PREP. for sb's ~ Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, we present Magic Man.
PHRASES a form of entertainment, a place of entertainment places of entertainment such as cinemas

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live entertainment (=performed while people watch, not recorded and watched later)
There are three bars, all with live entertainment.
family entertainment (=suitable for adults and children)
The holiday village has plenty of family entertainment on offer.
mass/popular entertainment (=popular with large numbers of people)
Reality TV has been a very successful form of mass entertainment.
light entertainment (=shows etc that are funny and easy to understand rather than serious)
He believes that children can appreciate more than just light entertainment.
a day’s/afternoon’s/evening’s entertainment
The evening’s entertainment concluded with a firework display.
provide entertainment
Dancers and musicians were on hand to provide entertainment.
lay on/put on entertainment (=organize and provide it)
The organizers laid on some entertainment for the children.
a form of entertainment (=a type of entertainment)
video games and other modern forms of entertainment
a place of entertainment formal (=a place where people can go to enjoy entertaiment)
Clubs and other places of entertainment must close by 3am.
the entertainment business/industry
The union represents people who work in the entertainment industry.
entertainment value (=how enjoyable something is to watch)
The films provide great entertainment value for kids.

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BAD: The town offers all sorts of entertainments.
GOOD: The town offers all sorts of entertainment.

Usage Note:
Entertainment (= all the things that provide amusement) is an uncountable noun: 'As far as entertainment is concerned, we usually go to the discotheque.'

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