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envisage /ɪnˈvɪzɪdʒ/ verb [transitive]

روبروشدن ، مواجه شدن با ، در نظر داشتن ، انتظار داشتن ، درذهن مجسم کردن
- imagine, conceive (of), conceptualize, contemplate, fancy, picture, think up, visualize
- foresee, anticipate, envision, predict, see
Related Idioms: form a mental picture of, have a picture of, picture to oneself, view in the mind's eye
Related Words: behold, grasp, look (upon), picture, regard, survey, view, externalize, materialize, objectify, foresee
English Thesaurus: imagine, visualize, picture, envisage, conceive of something, ...

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envisage /ɪnˈvɪzɪdʒ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: envisager, from visage; visage]
to think that something is likely to happen in the future:
The scheme cost a lot more than we had originally envisaged.
envisage doing something
I don’t envisage working with him again.

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ADV. originally It was originally envisaged that the talks would take place in the spring.
always, never
VERB + ENVISAGE can/could I can envisage difficulties if we continue with this policy.
be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to | be easy to, be possible to

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