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esteem /ɪˈstiːm/ noun [uncountable]

قدر ، اعتبار ، اقدام ، رعایت ارزش ، نظر ، شهرت ، ارجمندشمردن ، لایق دانستن ، محترم شمردم
مهندسی صنایع: ارج،اعتبار، کرامت کامپیوتر: اعتبار

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- respect, admiration, credit, estimation, good opinion, honour, regard, reverence, veneration
- respect, admire, love, prize, regard highly, revere, think highly of, treasure, value
- consider, believe, deem, estimate, judge, reckon, regard, think, view
Antonyms: abomination, despise, abominate
Contrasted words: abhor
Related Idioms: hold dear, think the world of, hold in esteem (or high regard)
Related Words: approval, liking, appreciation, valuation, idolize, revere, worship, venerate

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I. esteem1 /ɪˈstiːm/ noun [uncountable]
a feeling of respect for someone, or a good opinion of someone
hold somebody in high/great esteem
The critics held him in high esteem as an actor.
token/mark of sb’s esteem (=a sign of their respect)
Please accept the small gift we enclose as a mark of our esteem.
esteem for
my father’s complete lack of esteem for actors

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II. esteem2 verb [transitive] formal
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Old French; Origin: estimer, from Latin aestimare; estimate2]
to respect and admire someone or something:
Peden was greatly esteemed by the people of Ayrshire.
He was esteemed as a literary wit.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADJ. great, high | low | personal, self-I needed to do it for my own personal esteem.
popular, public, social
VERB + ESTEEM earn She had earned the esteem of everyone in the town.
lose It is easy for children to lose their self-esteem.
accord sb the level of social esteem accorded to doctors
fall in, rise in He fell in public esteem following the scandal.
PREP. in … ~ the status of teachers in the public esteem
~ for the public's esteem for the prime minister
~ of The school's aim is to build the self-esteem of the children.
PHRASES hold sb/sth in great/high/low esteem He is held in the highest esteem by all who know him.
a mark/token of esteem We would like to offer you this gift as a mark of our esteem.

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