estimable ●●○○○
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FORMAL vocabulary

estimable /ˈestəməbəl, ˈestɪməbəl/ adjective

تخمین پذیر ، قابل براورد کردن
Synonyms: worthy, admirable, commendable, deserving, laudable, meritable, meritorious, praisable, praiseworthy, thankworthy, respectable, creditable, reputable, reputed, well-thought-of, honorable, high-principled, noble, sterling
Contrasted words: disreputable, unworthy, bad
Related Words: admired, esteemed, respected

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estimable /ˈestəməbəl, ˈestɪməbəl/ adjective formal
deserving respect and admiration ⇒ inestimable

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