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etiquette /ˈetɪket $ -kət/ noun [uncountable]

نزاکت ، لیاقت ، علم اداب معاشرت ، اداب ، ایین معاشرت ، رسوم ، قانون ـ فقه: روش رفتار
Synonyms: good or proper behaviour, civility, courtesy, decorum, formalities, manners, politeness, propriety, protocol
Related Idioms: social graces
Related Words: behavior, conduct, deportment, manners, amenities, civilities, formalities, convention, form, protocol

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etiquette /ˈetɪket $ -kət/ noun [uncountable]
[Date: 1700-1800; Language: French; Origin: étiquette 'ticket' (ticket1); perhaps because rules of behavior were written on a small card, like a ticket]
the formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group:
strict rules of professional etiquette

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ADJ. professional, social He showed his contempt for social etiquette by not wearing a tie.
correct What's the correct etiquette when addressing a judge?
strict the strict etiquette of palace life
VERB + ETIQUETTE breach He had breached etiquette by not informing his superiors of his decision.
ETIQUETTE + VERB require sth Etiquette requires that the bride's father makes a speech.
PHRASES a breach of etiquette The solicitor was accused of a breach of professional etiquette.
matters of etiquette He is an expert on matters of etiquette.
the rules of etiquette She knew how to address bishops according to the rules of etiquette.
a stickler for etiquette She's a real stickler for etiquette, so you'd better ask her advice.

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