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everyone /ˈevriwʌn/ pronoun

همه (کس) ، هرکس
Synonyms: everybody, all and sundry, each one, each person, every person, one and all, the whole world
Antonyms: no one

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everyone S1 W1 /ˈevriwʌn/ pronoun
every person Synonym : everybody:
If everyone is ready, I’ll begin.
Send my best wishes to everyone in the family.
Of course everyone else thought it was hilarious!
Not everyone enjoys sport.

Use a singular verb after everyone:
Everyone admires her.
Do not say 'everyone of us/them'. Use all:
We all (NOT Everyone of us) enjoyed the film.
He had written to all of them (NOT to everyone of them).
Do not confuse with every one (=each one). You can use 'of' after this, to emphasize that you are talking about a whole group:
I wish to thank every one of you.

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BAD: This problem affects each and everyone of us.
GOOD: This problem affects each and every one of us.

Usage Note:
everyone = all the people: 'Hurry up! Everyone is waiting for you.'
every one = each single one (of a group or number): 'When we examined the books we found that every one of them had a page missing.'

See EVERYBODY (everybody)

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