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exactly /ɪɡˈzæktli/ adverb

درست ، عینا ، کاملا ، بدرستی ، بکلی ، یکسره ، چنین است
- precisely, accurately, correctly, explicitly, faithfully, scrupulously, truthfully, unerringly
- in every respect, absolutely, indeed, precisely, quite, specifically, to the letter
Antonyms: approximately
Contrasted words: about, around, more or less, roughly
Related Idioms: on the dot (or nose), right on the nail, quite so, (that's) for sure (or certain)
Related Words: plumb, plunk, specifically, absolutely, expressly, positively, completely
English Thesaurus: exactly, precisely, just, right, directly, ...

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exactly S1 W2 /ɪɡˈzæktli/ adverb

1. used when emphasizing that something is no more and no less than a number or amount, or is completely correct in every detail:
It’s exactly half past five.
The figures may not be exactly right, but they’re close enough.
exactly where/what/when etc
I can’t remember exactly what she said.
It’s a tragic situation and no one will ever know exactly what happened.
why/what/where etc exactly ...?
Where exactly did you stay in Portugal?

2. used to emphasize that something is the same or different Synonym : precisely:
That’s exactly what we’ve been trying to tell you.
It’s exactly the kind of work I’ve been looking for.
She tries to be exactly like her older sister.
Kevin’s teachers saw him as quiet and serious, but with his friends he was exactly the opposite.
The two candidates responded to the question in exactly the same way.

3. not exactly spoken
a) used as a reply to show that what someone has said is not completely correct or true:
‘You hate Lee, don’t you?’ ‘Not exactly. I just think he’s a bit annoying, that’s all.’
b) used to show that you mean the complete opposite, either humorously, or when you are annoyed Synonym : hardly:
I wouldn’t bother asking Dave – he’s not exactly Einstein (=he is stupid).

4. spoken used as a reply to show that you think what someone has said is completely correct or true:
‘So you think we should sell the house?’ ‘Exactly.’

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