execrable ●●○○○
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execrable /ˈeksəkrəbəl, ˈeksɪkrəbəl/ adjective

ملعون ، مکروه ، نفرت انگیز ، زشت
Synonyms: accursed, cursed, damnable, damned, blasted, blessed, blinking, confounded, cussed, dashed, infernal
Related Idioms: beneath (or below) contempt, not to be put up with (or endured)
Related Words: atrocious, heinous, horrific, horrifying, monstrous, base, despicable, foul, low, vile, detestable, loathsome, nauseating, repulsive, revolting

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execrable /ˈeksəkrəbəl, ˈeksɪkrəbəl/ adjective
formal extremely bad Synonym : terrible

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