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exile /ˈeksaɪl, ˈeɡzaɪl/ noun

تغریب ، شخص تبعید شده ، نفی بلد ، جلای وظن ، تبعید کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: تبعید ، deportation
- banishment, deportation, expatriation, expulsion
- expatriate, deportee, émigré, outcast, refugee
- banish, deport, drive out, eject, expatriate, expel
Contrasted words: recall, restoration, restore
Related Idioms: man without a country, turn out of house and home
Related Words: exclusion, extradition, expatriation, diaspora, dispersion, migration, scattering, nonperson, outcast, unperson, dispossess, evacuate, extradite, drive out

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I. exile1 /ˈeksaɪl, ˈeɡzaɪl/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: exil, from Latin exilium, from exul 'person sent away']

1. [singular, uncountable] a situation in which you are forced to leave your country and live in another country, especially for political reasons
in exile
a writer now living in exile
He went into exile to escape political imprisonment.
force/drive somebody into exile
The house was raided and the family was forced into exile.
He spent many years in enforced exile.
voluntary/self-imposed exile
She had been in voluntary exile since 1990.

2. [countable] someone who has been forced to live in exile:
political exiles
tax exile

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II. exile2 verb [transitive usually passive]
to force someone to leave their country, especially for political reasons
exile somebody to something
Several of the leaders were arrested and exiled to France.
exile somebody from something
a dictator who was exiled from his home country
the exiled former president

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I. being sent to live in another country
ADJ. long | permanent | enforced | self-imposed, voluntary | internal Many spent decades in labour camps or in internal exile.
VERB + EXILE be driven/forced/sent into | flee into, go into The king went into exile after the overthrow of his government.
live in They joined the many other Armenians living in exile.
die in | return from He still hopes to return from exile one day.
PREP. in ~ She had spent 40 years in exile.
~ from Dante died in exile from Florence.
PHRASES a place of exile

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II. person forced to live in another country
ADJ. political | tax (= a rich person who moves to another country where taxes are lower)
EXILE + VERB return A general amnesty was granted, allowing political exiles to return freely.
PHRASES the recall of exiles, the return of exiles

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ADV. permanently, temporarily | effectively He was effectively exiled after a failed bid for power.
PREP. from The family was exiled from France.
to He was exiled to Siberia.

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go into exile
Napoleon's wife and sons also went into exile.
live in exile
The Guatemalan writer has lived in exile in Mexico for over 40 years.
be sent into exile
The old leaders were removed from power and sent into exile.
be forced/driven into exile
Many of his political opponents have been forced into exile.
flee/escape into exile
Hundreds of people fled into exile or were jailed.
die in exile
He never returned to his own country, but died in exile.
return from exile
Martinez returned from exile to the islands in May 1990 and was later elected President.
long exile
The first of many refugees have finally returned home from a long exile in Senegal.
permanent exile
The King threatened her with permanent exile.
self-imposed/voluntary exile (=when someone goes into exile willingly, without being forced)
He spoke to the media from his self-imposed exile in the United States.
enforced exile (=when someone is forced to go into exile)
After 12 years of enforced exile abroad, Almeyda returned home to Salvador.
internal exile (=when someone is forced to move somewhere within a country)
The governor has the power to send people into internal exile in other regions.

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