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express /ɪkˈspres/ verb [transitive]

اظهار کردن ، دلالت کردن بر ، فهماندن صریح ، اظهارداشتن ، بیان کردن ، اداکردن ، سریع السیر ، سریع ، صریح ، روشن ، ابراز کردن ، عمران: سریع السیر ، قانون ـ فقه: صریح ، ویژه
- state, articulate, communicate, declare, phrase, put into words, say, utter, voice, word
- show, convey, exhibit, indicate, intimate, make known, represent, reveal, signify, stand for, symbolize
- explicit, categorical, clear, definite, distinct, plain, unambiguous
- specific, clear-cut, especial, particular, singular, special
- fast, direct, high-speed, nonstop, rapid, speedy, swift
Antonyms: vague, imply
Contrasted words: unexpressed, unsaid, unstated, ambiguous, equivocal, conditional, qualified, hint, insinuate, intimate, suggest
Related Words: expressed, uttered, voiced, out-and-out, unmistakable, unconditional, unqualified, individual, definite, particular, explicit, intended, intentional, premeditated, broach, circulate, put about, disclose, tell, frame, enunciate, phrase, announce, declare, proclaim, pronounce, discharge, drain, communicate, convey, impart
English Thesaurus: comment, remark, point, observation, aside, ...

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Express, The
a British daily tabloid newspaper which usually supports the ideas of the Conservative Partynewspaper

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I. express1 S2 W1 /ɪkˈspres/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adverb: expressively, expressionlessly, inexpressibly; adjective: expressiveinexpressive, expressionless, inexpressible; noun: expression, expressiveness; verb: express]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Early French expresser, from Latin expressus; express2]

1. FEELING to tell or show what you are feeling or thinking by using words, looks, or actions
express your views/opinions
Bill’s not afraid to express his opinions.
Parents have expressed their concerns about their children’s safety.
She expressed an interest in seeing York.
express something in/by/through something
Express your reasons for applying in simple terms.
express sympathy/fear/anger etc
She doesn’t express her emotions as much as he does.
express thanks/gratitude (for something) (to somebody) (=thank someone in a speech or by writing a letter)
Finally, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all those who have helped today.
express doubts/reservations
The USA expressed reservations before agreeing to sign the agreement.
Many people have expressed their opposition to the proposals.
express yourself (=say what you think or feel)
Young children often have difficulty expressing themselves.
He first learnt to express himself through movement at his dance classes.
Words can’t express (=it is impossible to describe) how angry we felt.

2. PARTICULAR EMOTION to show or describe a particular feeling:
Many of Munch’s paintings express a deep feeling of despair.

3. something expresses itself if something expresses itself, it becomes noticeable Synonym : something reveals itself:
Religious faith expresses itself in a variety of ways.

4. MATHEMATICS technical to change an amount or quantity into a different form, especially in mathematics
express something as/in something
Express three-quarters as a decimal.
The value of the coffee becomes significantly higher when expressed in foreign currency.

5. FEEDING BABIES if a woman expresses milk, she presses milk out of her breast in order to feed it to her baby later

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II. express2 adjective [only before noun]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: exprès, from Latin expressus, past participle of exprimere 'to press out', from premere 'to press'; the idea of 'speed' comes from trains stopping only at specific places, so the complete journey takes less time]

1. deliberate and for a specific situation:
The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children.

2. clear and definite
express agreement/consent/authority etc
He is not to leave without my express permission.
Matthew left express instructions to keep all doors locked.

3. express train/coach/bus a train or bus that does not stop at many places and can therefore travel more quickly

4. express post/mail a system that delivers letters and packages very quickly

5. American English designed to help you move through a place more quickly:
express lanes on the freeway
an express line at a supermarket (=where people with only a few things to buy go to pay)

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III. express3 noun

1. [countable usually singular] a train or bus that does not stop in many places and therefore travels quickly
London–Gatwick Express/Orient Express (=a fast train or bus which does a particular journey regularly)

2. [uncountable] a post service that delivers letters and packages very quickly:
Send these books by express.

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IV. express4 adverb
send/deliver something express to send or deliver a letter, package etc quickly using a special post service

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ADV. well Perhaps I have not expressed myself very well.
fully She expresses herself most fully in her paintings.
openly He expressed his anger openly.
clearly | cogently Students must learn to express a point of view cogently and with clarity.
exactly, precisely | concisely, succinctly | eloquently The poet eloquently expresses the sense of lost innocence.
VERB + EXPRESS be/feel able/unable to Many patients feel unable to express their fears.
find it difficult to
PHRASES a chance/an opportunity to express sth

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express your views/opinions/ideas
Everyone who attends the meeting will be given the opportunity to express their opinions.
express your feelings
He felt unable to express his feelings in a letter.
express an interest in something
Many property developers have expressed an interest in buying the land.
express concern (=say or show that you are worried)
Financial analysts have expressed concern about the possibility of a recession.
express your thanks/gratitude/appreciation (=say thank you to someone, in a speech)
On behalf of the team, I’d like to express our appreciation for all your efforts.
express doubts/reservations (=say or show that you are not sure whether something is true or right)
Environmentalists began to express doubts about the benefits of biofuels.
express surprise/shock
‘I don’t believe he could hurt anyone,’ she said, expressing her surprise.
express anger
Teachers have expressed anger at the government’s education reforms.
express your grief (=say or show that you are very sad, especially because someone you love has died)
She searched for further words to express her grief, but could find none.
express your sympathy (=say that you feel sorry for someone who is in a bad situation)
I wrote to his widow expressing our sympathy and sending her our condolences.
express confidence
Throughout the trial, his legal team expressed confidence in the outcome.
express your hopes/desires (=say what you hope or want to happen)
Nadia expressed her hopes about remaining in San Diego County with her two children.
express your support (=say that you support someone or something)
The Israeli leader expressed his support for the U.S. plan.
express opposition to something (=say that you oppose someone or something)
Local people have expressed their opposition to plans for a new airport.
express a willingness to do something (=say or show that you are willing to do something)
The unions expressed a willingness to have talks with the employers.
express something openly (=express a feeling in a way that is obvious to other people)
They expressed their anger openly in the meeting.
express something clearly (=express an idea or opinion in a way that other people can understand)
He expresses his views very clearly.
express yourself (=say what you think or feel)
He is very confident and finds it easy to express himself.
a chance/opportunity to express something
The debate will give MPs an opportunity to express their views in detail.
words cannot express something (=it is impossible to describe something)
Words can’t express how much I miss her.

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