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FORMAL vocabulary

expressly /ɪkˈspresli/ adverb

صراحتا" ، صریحا ، فورا ، قانون ـ فقه: بالصراحه
- definitely, categorically, clearly, distinctly, explicitly, in no uncertain terms, plainly, unambiguously
- specifically, especially, particularly, specially
Contrasted words: ambiguously, equivocally, conditionally, likely, possibly, probably
Related Words: directly, unmistakably

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expressly /ɪkˈspresli/ adverb formal

1. if you say something expressly, you say it very clearly and firmly Synonym : specifically:
He was expressly forbidden to speak to the girl.

2. deliberately or for a specific purpose Synonym : specifically:
The building is expressly designed to conserve energy.

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