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extent /ɪkˈstent/ noun

قطعه ، فضا ، وسعت ، فراخی ، اندازه ، حد ، مقدار ، حوزه ، کامپیوتر: اندازه
الکترونیک: قطعه ، فضا ، وسعت ، اندازه ، کامپیوتر: وسعت ، فراخی ، اندازه ، حد، مقدار، حوزه کامپیوتر: اندازه

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Synonyms: size, amount, area, breadth, expanse, length, stretch, volume, width
Related Words: domain, field, province, sphere, compass, extension, orbit, radius, reach, scope, sweep
English Thesaurus: size, dimensions, measurements, proportions, area, ...

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extent S2 W1 /ɪkˈstent/ noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: extente, from Latin extendere; extend]

1. to ... extent used to say how true something is or how great an effect or change is
to a certain extent/to some extent/to an extent (=partly)
We all to some extent remember the good times and forget the bad.
I do agree with him to an extent.
to a great/large extent
Its success will depend to a large extent on local attitudes.
to a lesser/greater extent (=less or more)
It will affect farmers in Spain and to a lesser extent in France.
They examined the extent to which (=how much) age affected language-learning ability.
To what extent (=how much) did she influence his decision?
to such an extent that/to the extent that (=so much that)
Violence increased to the extent that residents were afraid to leave their homes.

2. [uncountable] how large, important, or serious something is, especially something such as a problem or injury
extent of
Considering the extent of his injuries, he’s lucky to be alive.
It’s too early to assess the full extent of the damage.

3. [uncountable] the length or size of something:
They opened out the nets to their full extent.
in extent
The region is over 10,000 square kilometres in extent.

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ADJ. full, greatest, maximum, overall The overall extent of civilian casualties remained unclear.
actual, exact, precise, true | geographical, territorial
VERB + EXTENT reach The railway network had reached its greatest extent in route mileage.
see | consider, examine, explore, investigate | assess, calculate, estimate, evaluate, gauge, judge, measure | define, determine, establish, identify a statement defining the extent of Latvia's territory
discover | acknowledge, appreciate, realize, recognize | know, understand We do not yet know the extent of her injuries.
demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, make clear, reflect, reveal, show The operation revealed the extent of the cancer.
outline a lengthy agenda outlining the extent of global environmental problems
discuss | clarify, explain | emphasize, highlight, underline The victory underlined the extent to which Prussia had become a major power.
exaggerate, overstate She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem.
overestimate | underestimate | play down, underplay, understate The government sought to play down the extent of the problem.
ignore | conceal, obscure | limit, reduce, restrict to reduce the extent of deforestation
PREP. in ~ The park is about 20 acres in extent.
to an ~ To an extent (= to some degree) East-West distrust continued throughout the war.
to a … ~ He had withdrawn from the company of his friends to an alarming extent.
PHRASES at sth's fullest/greatest extent At its fullest extent the Angevin Empire comprised most of western France.
to a considerable/great/large/significant extent, to a certain/to some extent To some extent, we are all responsible for this tragic situation.
to a lesser/limited/small extent The pollution of the forest has seriously affected plant life and, to a lesser extent, wildlife.
to the same extent People no longer live in small communities to the same extent as they used to.

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to some extent/to a certain extent (=partly)
What you say is true to some extent, but it’s not the whole picture.
to a large/great extent (=a large amount)
The materials we use will depend to a large extent on what is available.
to a small extent (=a small amount)
The plan succeeded to a small extent.
to a greater extent (=more)
Children suffer the effects of poor diet to a greater extent than adults.
to a lesser extent (also to less extent) (=less)
The same is true for women, though to a lesser extent.
to a considerable/significant extent (=a considerable or significant amount)
The affair affected his popularity to a considerable extent.
to a limited extent (=not a very large amount)
In the USA, and to a limited extent in Britain, the housing market is in recession.
to such an extent that/to the extent that (=so much that)
He annoyed her to such an extent that she had to leave the room.
to the same extent (=to the same amount)
The roads were congested but not to the same extent as in London.
to what extent? (=how much?)
To what extent does cutting down trees contribute to climate change?
the extent to which (=how much)
The report focused on the use of speed cameras, particularly the extent to which they reduced accidents.
the full extent
He refused to reveal the full extent of his debts.
the actual/true extent
Rescue workers still do not know the true extent of the disaster.
know/realize the extent of something
We do not yet know the extent of the damage.
understand the extent of something
Other people didn’t seem to understand the extent of his disability.
discover/find out the extent of something
We were shocked when we discovered the extent of the fraud.
assess/establish/determine the extent of something
We are still trying to assess the extent of the problem.
show/reveal the extent of something
These pictures show the extent of the devastation caused by the earthquake.
A report published by the government has revealed the extent of air pollution in the area.

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