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facility /fəˈsɪləti, fəˈsɪlɪti/ noun (plural facilities)

جا ، ساختمان ، سهولت ، وسیله تسهیل ، روانی ، تردستی ، امکان ، وسیله ، علوم مهندسی: روانی ، عمران: مهارت ، علوم نظامی: تاسیسات
مهندسی صنایع: امکان ، وسیله ، سهولت کامپیوتر: ساختمان ، امکان ، وسیله ، سهولت

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- skill, ability, adroitness, dexterity, ease, efficiency, effortlessness, fluency, proficiency
- often plural: equipment, advantage, aid, amenity, appliance, convenience, means, opportunity, resource
Contrasted words: awkwardness, clumsiness, ineptness, maladroitness, rigidity, stiffness, woodenness, effort, exertion, pains, difficulty, hardship, inconvenience
Related Words: skill, wit, aptitude, bent, leaning, propensity, turn, abandon, spontaneity, unconstraint, address, poise, tact, effortlessness, lightness, smoothness, accommodation, advantage, aid, fitting
English Thesaurus: building, property, premises, complex, development, ...

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facility S2 W1 AC /fəˈsɪləti, fəˈsɪlɪti/ noun (plural facilities)

1. facilities [plural] rooms, equipment, or services that are provided for a particular purpose:
All rooms have private facilities (=private bathroom and toilet).
The hotel has its own pool and leisure facilities.
toilet facilities
childcare facilities

2. [countable usually singular] a special part of a piece of equipment or a system which makes it possible to do something:
Is there a call-back facility on this phone?
a bank account with an overdraft facility

3. [countable] a place or building used for a particular activity or industry, or for providing a particular type of service:
a top-secret research facility
the finest indoor sports facility in the US

4. [singular] a natural ability to do something easily and well Synonym : talent
facility for
She has an amazing facility for languages.

5. the facilities American English spoken the toilet, used to be polite:
Excuse me, I have to use the facilities.

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I. facilities buildings/services/equipment
ADJ. excellent, first-class, good | adequate, appropriate, proper, suitable | inadequate, poor | basic, limited a hotel with only basic facilities
modern, up-to-date | extensive | extra | available, existing We are looking to upgrade the existing facilities.
essential, necessary to improve access to essential facilities
local, community hospitals, schools and other major community facilities
communal, shared The toilets and other communal facilities were in a shocking state.
public | disabled The railway station was criticized for its lack of disabled facilities.
conference | airport, hotel | bar, holiday, leisure, play, recreational, social, sporting/sports | transport, travel | parking | shopping | storage | canteen, dining, restaurant | catering, cooking, kitchen | baby changing, bathroom, laundry, sanitary, shower, toilet, washing | en suite, private All bedrooms offer private facilities (= a private bathroom).
health, health care, hospital, medical | childcare, creche, day care, nursery | educational, training | library, research | laboratory | computing
VERB + FACILITY have, offer, provide | improve, upgrade | make use of, use I made full use of the computing facilities.
FACILITY + VERB be available, exist | include sth Facilities include a large indoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna.
PREP. ~ for The school has no facilities for the teaching of music. The hotel provides excellent facilities for children.
PHRASES a range of facilities

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II. special feature of a machine/service
ADJ. central The archive offers a central facility for cataloguing and indexing data.
back-up The report warns that there are no back-up facilities if the reprocessing plant breaks down.
support training and other support facilities
special | useful | flexible A First National Bank loan is an extremely flexible facility.
technical | cheque book, credit, loan, overdraft a bank account with an overdraft facility
editing, graphics, help, mail, search, word processing (all computing)
VERB + FACILITY have, offer, provide | use
FACILITY + VERB allow (for) sth The cheque book facility allows for a minimum withdrawal of £200.
PREP. ~ for The device has a facility for storing any sound you like.

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III. natural ability
ADJ. amazing, great
VERB + FACILITY have | show
PREP. with ~ He played with great facility.
~ for She showed an amazing facility for mind-reading.

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sports/sporting facilities
Have you checked out the local sports facilities?
leisure/recreational facilities (=facilities for activities that you do for pleasure)
The leisure facilities include a sauna and a gym.
hotel facilities
Make use of the hotel facilities, which are excellent.
parking facilities
The building has parking facilities for twenty cars.
educational facilities
We aim to improve the provision of educational facilities such as libraries.
training facilities
The company plans to set up in-house training facilities.
computing facilities
The department provides excellent computing facilities for students.
childcare facilities
More women would work if there were better childcare facilities.
catering/restaurant/cooking facilities
The rooms all have cooking facilities and a fridge.
communal facilities (=to be used by everyone who lives in a place)
Communal facilities at the campsite were well-maintained.
shared facilities (=facilities to be shared, especially bathrooms)
The less expensive rooms have shared facilities.
provide facilities
Recycling facilities are provided by the local council.
offer facilities
A wide range of facilities is offered.
use the facilities
Guests are welcome to use all the hotel’s facilities.
make use of the facilities
We hope students make use of the new facilities.
facilities include something
The centre’s facilities include an outdoor swimming pool.
a range of facilities
The range of facilities offered by this hotel is superb.

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