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faculty /ˈfækəlti/ noun (plural faculties)

توانایی ، نیروی ذهنی ، هیئت علمی ، اولیای مدرسه ، استادان دانشکده یا دانشگاه ، قوه ذهنی ، استعداد فکری ، علوم مهندسی: دانشکده ، روانشناسی: قوه ذهنی ، علوم نظامی: دانشکده
- ability, aptitude, capacity, facility, power, propensity, skill
- department, school
Contrasted words: inability, incapability, incapacity, ineptness
Related Words: instinct, property, quality, leaning, penchant, proclivity, propensity, predilection

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faculty /ˈfækəlti/ noun (plural faculties)
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: faculté, from Latin facultas 'ability']

1. [countable] a department or group of related departments within a university ⇒ school
faculty of
the Faculty of Law
the Engineering Faculty

2. [uncountable and countable] American English all the teachers in a university:
Both faculty and students oppose the measures.

3. [countable usually plural] a natural ability, such as the ability to see, hear, or think clearly:
the patient’s mental faculties
in full possession of all your faculties (=able to see, hear, think etc in the normal way)
faculty of
the faculty of sight

4. [countable] formal a particular skill that someone has Synonym : talent
faculty for
She had a great faculty for absorbing information.

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I. natural ability of the body/mind
ADJ. higher the evolution of man's higher faculties
cognitive, intellectual, mental, rational He is not in full possession of all his mental faculties.
creative, critical, imaginative, moral | human
VERB + FACULTY be in possession of, have She is over eighty but still has all her faculties.
lose | develop trying to develop the student's critical faculties
PREP. ~ for our faculty for picking up speech even in noisy environments

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II. university department
ADJ. Arts, English, law, medical, etc.
FACULTY + NOUN board, head, member
PREP. across ~ collaboration across faculties
in a/the ~ students who are doing degrees in the Arts Faculty
~ of the Faculty of Arts

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