fall to
تلفظ آنلاین

بکاری مبادرت کردن ، به عملی دست زدن
fall to
Synonyms: pitch in, buckle (down), jump (in or into), set to, wade (in or into)

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fall to somebody/something phrasal verb (see also fall)

1. if a duty or job falls to someone, they are responsible for doing it, especially when this is difficult or unpleasant:
It fell to me to give her the bad news.

2. written to start doing something:
They fell to work with a will.
fall to doing something
He fell to thinking about how nice a warm bath would be.

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fall to
1. To begin to work.
The boys fell to and quickly cut the grass.
Synonym: TURN TO.
2. To begin to fight.
They took out their swords and fell to.
3. To begin to eat.
The hungry boys fell to before everyone sat down.
4. Begin; start.
The old friends met and fell to talking about their school days.

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