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fan /fæn/ noun [countable]

پروانه اتومبیل ، ملخ ، بادبزن ، باد بزن ، پروانه ، بادزن ، پنکه ، تماشاچی ورزش دوست ، باد زدن ، وزیدن بر ، علوم مهندسی: ونتیلاتور ، ورزش: تماشاگر ، علوم هوایی: فن ، علوم نظامی: بادزن ، پوشاندن پوشش کردن
کامپیوتر: پنکه، پروانه ، خنک کننده

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- blower, air conditioner, ventilator
- blow, air-condition, cool, refresh, ventilate
supporter, admirer, aficionado, buff (informal), devotee, enthusiast, follower, lover

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I. fan1 S3 W2 /fæn/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1: Date: 1800-1900; Origin: fanatic]
[Sense 2: Date: 700-800; Language: Latin; Origin: vannus]

1. someone who likes a particular sport or performing art very much, or who admires a famous person:
Groups of football fans began heading towards the ground.
fan of
He’s a big fan of Elvis Presley.
fan mail/letters (=letters sent to famous people by their fans)

a) a machine with turning blades that is used to cool the air in a room by moving it around:
a ceiling fan
b) a flat object that you wave with your hand which makes the air cooler

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II. fan2 verb [transitive] (past tense and past participle fanned, present participle fanning)

1. to make air move around by waving a fan, piece of paper etc so that you feel cooler
fan yourself
People in the audience were fanning themselves with their programmes.

2. literary to make someone feel an emotion more strongly Synonym : fuel:
Her resistance only fanned his desire.
fan the flames (of something)
The book will serve to fan the flames of debate.

3. fan a fire/flame etc to make a fire burn more strongly by blowing or moving the air near it:
The wind rose, fanning a few sparks in the brush.
fan out phrasal verb

1. if a group of people fan out, they walk forwards while spreading over a wide area

2. fan something ↔ out to spread out a group of things that you are holding so that they make a half-circle:
Fan the cards out, then pick one.

3. if something such as hair or clothing fans out, it spreads out in many directions

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I. enjoys watching/listening to sb/sth very much
ADJ. adoring, ardent, avid, big, dedicated, devoted, great, keen, loyal, number one, real I'm a big fan of Italian food. one of the team's biggest fans The singer says her dad is her number one fan.
lifelong | armchair For armchair fans back home, it was one of the highlights of the Sydney Olympics.
obsessive The actress is asking the court to protect her from an obsessive fan who is making her life a misery.
cricket, football, rugby, soccer, sports, etc. | jazz, music, pop, etc. | film, movie | home The goal was greeted by jubilation from the home fans.
away, travelling, visiting | opposing/opposition, rival There were clashes between rival fans after the match.
VERB + FAN delight The big band sound of Syd Lawrence and his Orchestra will delight fans.
disappoint, let down Fans will not be disappointed.
FAN + VERB converge on sth, gather, turn out/up Soccer fans converged on the capital for the cup final. More than 40,000 fans turned up for the 12-hour event.
watch sth | applaud (sb/sth), boo (sb/sth), chant sth Over 25,000 fans applauded both teams off the field.
besiege sth Hundreds of fans besieged the star's hotel.
FAN + NOUN club, letter, mail

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II. machine that creates a current of air
ADJ. electric | cooling | extractor | ceiling, overhead
FAN + NOUN belt, heater

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a football/tennis/baseball etc fan
Jack is a keen football fan.
a music/jazz/rock etc fan
Jazz fans are in for a treat at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival.
a film/movie fan
This book is a must for all film fans.
a Manchester United/Redsox/Colts etc fan
Manchester United fans were delighted with their team’s victory.
a Rolling Stones/Kylie Minogue etc fan
Mike has been a lifelong Kylie Minogue fan.
a big/huge/massive fan
Elizabeth is a massive fan of Elton John.
a devoted fan (=a strong supporter or admirer)
Devoted fans from all over the country have travelled to the concert.
a loyal fan (=fans who always support someone)
He will be playing to hundreds of loyal fans on Sunday.
adoring fans (=fans who like and admire someone very much)
She’s mobbed by adoring fans wherever she goes.
sb’s number one fan
She told Dave that she was his number one fan.
rival/opposing/opposition fans (=fans who support different teams competing against each other)
There were fights between rival fans outside the stadium.
home fans (=fans at their own team’s sports field)
The home fans cheered the team onto the pitch.
away fans (=fans visiting another team’s sports field)
Two sections of the ground had been allocated to away fans.
fan mail
The group receives lots of fan mail.
a fan club
Her fan club has 25,000 members in the UK alone.
fan base (=the people who are someone’s biggest fans)
The band has built up a loyal fan base over the years.
fans cheer/applaud (somebody/something)
Fans on both sides applauded their skill and spirit.
fans boo (somebody/something)
Their own fans booed them off the pitch.
fans chant something
England fans chanted his name.
disappoint fans
The concert was cancelled, disappointing hundreds of fans.

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See: hit the fan

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