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fanciful /ˈfænsɪfəl/ adjective

خیالی ، پر اوهام
Synonyms: unreal, imaginary, mythical, romantic, visionary, whimsical, wild
Antonyms: realistic, veridical
Contrasted words: matter-of-fact, prosaic, truthful, veracious
Related Words: apocryphal, fabulous, fictitious, legendary, mythical, bizarre, fantastic, grotesque, absurd, preposterous, false, wrong

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fanciful /ˈfænsɪfəl/ adjective

1. imagined rather than based on facts – often used to show disapproval:
a fanciful story
The suggestion that there was a conspiracy is not entirely fanciful.

2. full of unusual and very detailed shapes or complicated designs:
fanciful decorations
—fancifully adverb

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