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farewell /ˌfeəˈwel◂ $ ˌfer-/ noun

بدرود ، وداع ، خدا نگهدار ، خداحافظ ، تودیع کردن
Synonyms: goodbye, adieu, departure, leave-taking, parting, sendoff (informal), valediction

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I. farewell1 /ˌfeəˈwel◂ $ ˌfer-/ noun

1. [uncountable and countable] old-fashioned the action of saying goodbye:
Mourners gathered to bid farewell to the victims of the plane tragedy.
a farewell speech

2. farewell party/dinner/drink etc a party or dinner that you have because someone is leaving a job, city etc:
40 of her colleagues gathered for her farewell presentation.

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II. farewell2 interjection old use

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ADJ. fond | emotional, tearful | sad | silent I said a silent farewell to my village as I left for the city.
VERB + FAREWELL bid sb/sth, say, wish sb We bade them a final farewell.
wave I waved farewell to my friends from the deck of the ship.
make The court dignitaries made their farewells to the emperor.
exchange They exchanged fond farewells at the railway station.
be Is this farewell or will we see each other again?
FAREWELL + NOUN appearance This famous warplane is about to make its farewell appearance.
address, speech | performance, tour the band's farewell tour
dinner, party | card, gift, present
PREP. in ~ He raised his hand in farewell.
~ to She was sorry to bid farewell to Portugal.

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