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farm /fɑːm $ fɑːrm/ noun [countable]

اجاره یا مقاطعه کردن ، اجاره دادن (با(out ، کشتزار ، مزرعه ، زمین مزروعی ، پرورشگاه حیوانات اهلی ، اجاره دادن به) با) out ، کاشتن زراعت کردن در ، عمران: مزرعه ، قانون ـ فقه: اجاره دادن ، بازرگانی: کشت زار ، ورزش: باشگاه جوانان زیرنظر باشگاه اصلی
- smallholding, croft (Scot.), farmstead, grange, homestead, plantation, ranch (chiefly North American)
- cultivate, plant, work
English Thesaurus: farm, ranch, smallholding, plantation, homestead, ...

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I. farm1 S2 W2 /fɑːm $ fɑːrm/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: ferme 'rent, lease', from Latin firmus 'firm, fixed']

1. an area of land used for growing crops or keeping animals:
a 300-hectare farm
farm workers
farm animals
Joe had worked on the farm all his life.
a pig/dairy/cattle etc farm
He runs a pig farm in Lincolnshire.
Say on a farm not ‘in a farm’.

2. the main house on a farm where the farmer lives
factory farm at factory farming, ⇒ fish farm, funny farm

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II. farm2 verb [intransitive and transitive]

1. to use land for growing crops or keeping animals:
The family has farmed here for generations.
The land has been farmed organically since 1995.

2. farmed salmon/fish/rabbits etc fish and animals that have been raised on farms, and not caught from the wild
farm somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to send work to other people instead of doing it yourself
farm somebody/something ↔ out to
The processing will be farmed out to people in local villages.

2. to send someone to a different place where they will be looked after – used to show disapproval
farm somebody/something ↔ out to
At the age of 16 she was farmed out to family friends.

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ADJ. large | little, small | 100-acre, 200-hectare, etc. | neighbouring, next She lives on the next farm.
local, nearby, surrounding | isolated, outlying, remote | border | hill | organic | intensive | commercial | factory | model Ten model farms have been set up to showcase modern production methods.
working The area combines a working farm and a farming museum.
family, home | traditional | private | state | cooperative, collective | arable, livestock, mixed | dairy, fur, stud | fish, fruit, pig, poultry, sheep, trout, turkey, etc.
VERB + FARM have, own | manage, run | work (at/on) During the war, few men were left to work the farm. The children had to work on the family farm.
set up | live at/on | be brought up on | visit
FARM + VERB lie The farm lies on the hills above the lake.
produce sth a dairy farm producing speciality cheeses
FARM + NOUN produce, product Farm produce, including fruits and grains, was their principal export. farm products such as eggs and vegetables
animal | labourer, worker | labour | work | manager, owner | management | land (also farmland) | building | equipment, implements, machinery | policy the EU farm policy
subsidies, support The EU has decided to cut farm subsidies.
life village and farm life
cottage, house (also farmhouse) | shop | road, track
PREP. at a/the ~ The police are investigating a fire at a farm near Whitby.
down on the ~ The myth of happy and contented animals down on the farm is now far from the truth.
on a/the ~ He had lived on that farm all his life.

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ADV. heavily, intensively The land has been intensively farmed.
organically They farm organically now.

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a 300-hectare/400-acre etc farm
He bought a 300-hectare farm in Shropshire.
a pig/sheep/cattle farm
A pig farm in Dorset is the suspected source of the epidemic.
a dairy farm (=a farm that has cows and produces milk)
Checks are made on milk from local dairy farms.
an arable farm (=a farm where crops are grown)
Tractors represent the single biggest cost on most arable farms.
a fruit farm
He lives on a fruit farm and helps to pick apples.
an organic farm (=a farm where artificial chemicals are not used)
Organic farms can be as productive as industrial farming.
a factory farm (=one in which animals are kept inside, in small spaces, and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly )
Pigs in factory farms are fed a mixture of grains and proteins.
a farm worker
We rely on migrant farm workers to pick the crop.
a farm labourer British English, a farm laborer American English
The cottages were built for the farm labourers.
a farm building
The farmhouse is separated by hedges from other farm buildings.
farm animals
It is used mainly for feeding farm animals.
farm machinery
In the field, there was a tractor and some other farm machinery.
farm produce
Moldova provides Russia with large quantities of farm produce.
work on a farm
I used to work on a farm when I was younger.
live on a farm
She lives on a farm in Wiltshire.
manage/run a farm
He manages a large dairy farm.
own/have a farm
The family owned a small farm in Suffolk.
grow something on a farm
They grew wheat and barley on their farm.

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BAD: I'd like to stay in a farm where you can eat homemade food.
GOOD: I'd like to stay on a farm where you can eat homemade food.

Usage Note:
You live/work/stay on a farm (NOT in ): 'I wouldn't like to work on a farm during the winter.'

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See: collective farm

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